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In the year 2525, it is the future, and murder has been outlawed. In order to successfully convict the killers of the future, all murders must be digitally reconstructed and simulated by an officer of the law.

Thank you for registering your copy of MS.2525.EXE.CUTE.

Operating Instructions:

Every copy of MS.2525.EXE.CUTE must be calibrated. Without proper calibration, simulations will become inaccurate and will not be admissible in a court of law.

Launch your simulation and procure instruments of killing and other items to assist in your simulation. Some items will allow you to reduce the amount of evidence produced. At the end of each simulation, all evidence will be tallied. Non-kills will be rendered null.

Aim For:

- The Lowest Score Possible

- The Highest Score Possible


  • WASD - Move around your environment
  • Mouse - Look around your enviornment
  • E - Pick up / Drop items
  • Mouse 1 - Use Items
  • Space - Leap




Dan Hassan @dorkymohr

Adam Ferrando @wiznwar

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Unity


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ms.2525.exe.cute.zip 29 MB
MS.2525.EXE.CUTE.app.zip 30 MB